Kate in Haida Gwaii

Canada Day- 1st. July 2016

Google map view – Sky-As Island is the larger one of the two shown here just off the beach near the Haida Heritage Centre.

Sky-As Island Haida Gwaii BC Canada


Looking at Sky-As Island – Queen Charlotte Islands

from the Reserve

Many of you will know Dave and Jacquie Hambidge , what you probably don’t know is this story . Jacquie Smith , as she was when we both lived in Barton Stacey in Hampshire during the 1960’s . Jacquie worked at the village Post Office right across from our house . Almost next door to the shop was Pitt Trailers factory where my Dad and her Dad worked as carpenter and welder . Along comes a boy who was good looking , bold , cheeky and likeable who was so dazzled by the girl behind the Post Office counter that although he did not smoke he bought packets of cigarettes so that he could gaze upon her beauty . They later married of course, and she became Mrs. Jacquie Hambidge and was whisked off to far flung BC Canada . I knew Dave only briefly when we both worked at Pitts .

Our paths have crossed many times after I also immigrated to BC Canada in 1967 and where Dave and Jacquie became close friends of my sister Kate and husband Jacques .

Dave and Jacquie now are retired living in Winchester UK.  They recently visited us here in Parksville as part of a 50th year anniversary tour of friends , people and places they enjoyed during their time in Canada. One of the first places Dave worked was in the logging camp off the BC coast in the Queen Charlotte Islands or Haida Gwaii , which they again visited as part of their recent tour.

Kate had frequently voiced a desire to visit the “Charlottes” – Well now she has , thanks the thoughtfulness of Dave . Dave took with him on his visit a picture of Kate which he set on a cedar board under a protective covering . This he placed on the beach at the reserve looking out the small island named “Sky-As”.

Kate at Peace

Thank you David !

On this coming Sunday there will also be a gathering on Vancouver Hill , Penticton overlooking the tennis courts on Okanagan Lake where Kate so much enjoyed playing her favoured sport . Kate’s memorial bench will be whetted in the company of her many friends .

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