Jutoh – Text to eBook ( EPUB) The Course

My earlier post Nov 2011

Jutoh – Writing an Autobiography – E Book Publication tools.

Has taken on a life of its own. In mid Sept. I am to teach a course of 4 x 2 hr. sessions at my local Elder College at Parksville Campus VIU. The course is aimed at writers and wannabe writers who wish to self publish their work for personal use or for general distribution.
I will post the course outline and a Power Point Presentation in the Public folder of my SkyDrive  Thus enabling others to follow along on their own.

Here is a link to the folder located on SkyDrive :

For ePUB readers there is a very useful multi platform  library manager named Calibre available (Free).
Unlike all the other ePUB readers which seem to keep your books locked within them this one enables you to consolidate all your reading material from all your sources Books, Magazines, Newspapers, .pdf docs , etc. in one location.

Now isn’t that efficiency !

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