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8th Jan 2014

iVideo Screen Shot

I have shot a lot of video over the years and although I have assigned a separate media drive ( which is backed up ) on which to store all my video – clips – projects and finalised movies etc. it has become difficult to keep track of what is where and be able to easily revue any clip quickly.

The pros mostly use CAT DV but it is too pricy for the likes of myself. I searched long and hard and eliminated many alternatives. However, iVideo @ $20 has met my needs very well. However, it does take a bit of figuring out sincelacking a manual or YouTube tutorials 🙁

Her are a few hints resulting from my initial experience :

  1. Start by looking at the Preferences – Here is where you select the settings for :
  • Sidebar
  • Screen
  • Playback
  • Converting
  • Libraries
  • Updates
Libraries is the heart of the search/scan settings.
 Open the Libraries tab :
  1. First Enter a suitable name for your first library > Enter
  2. Next look at “When adding videos – – – –  by clicking the tiny arrows
  3. You probably should not change this default !
  4. Next is : When updating this Library  —-  select one of the 3 options
  5. The most powerful for me is the Smart Library Rules —
Smart Library Rules :
 Provides 3 input boxes :
The first offers the following parameters :
  • Date
  • Format
  • Library
  • Location
  • Name
  • Size
The second :
  • In
  • NOT in
The third :
  • Hidden Folder
  • System Folder
  • Choose a folder
Under normal circumstances one would not be searching in either of the first two 🙁
Selecting Choose opens a finder window so you may select the folder to on which the ” in or NOT in ” operator will be applied.
The Minus & Plus arrows allow you to add or delete more operators to filter your search in many different ways.

Next up to find a similar  way to keep track of all the Royalty Free Audio that I create mostly using Sonicfire Pro’s Smartsound.

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