ISP’s – Getting More for Less !

27th Sept. 2016

Yesterday I switched my ISP from a Mr. BIG (Shaw Cable ) to A. Minor    with amazing results .

This action was triggered by my need to upload a 17 min video last weekend . My Shaw Cable service was 15 mbs had 0.5 mbs upload speed @ a cost of over $66/mo . This video took all weekend to upload 🙁 .

I spoke with a Shaw loyalty agent over the weekend asking if they could offer me : 1) better $ deal , and 2)  a faster upload speed = NO not unless I upgrade my service to $79/mo .

Having already established that Lightspeed offered the equivalent speed for
$45/mo. I signed up on Monday morning with Erica .

I received the modem on Friday and completed the installation on the following Monday . No fuss no Hassle & Excellent support from Mark !

I now have a terrific fast internet access .
I am an “Ecstatic Customer”

Thanks Lightspeed !   🙂

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