Illicit Drug Use – A Tipping Point !

4th Jan 2017

Much news and media coverage has been given over to a disturbing increase in drug related fatalities in BC. Fentanyl being at the center of it. I find it far more disturbing for our already overloaded healthcare facilities and staff now being asked to divert precious resources away from treating genuine illness . Instead they are tasked with giving ICU care to the detritus of society that are playing Russian roulette with chemistry in order to escape reality and their miserable lives. I am told now that their brains are so damaged from the initial drug and its antidote that they will be in care for the rest of their lives. OMG ! What are we doing?

Where are we headed ?
One has to have some empathy with the Philippines with such a large proportion of its population living in poverty with 2 million addicts and growing . History is littered with examples of what happens when a society reaches a tipping point  of intolerance and a revolution erupts, the consequences of which are usually extreme.

So why do so many of our young feel that their lives are empty and meaningless and use poisonous chemicals to escape from their reality, eventually they make it permanent ?.
If one looks around the world into the faces of those in refugee camps who have faced the horrors of war and deprivation, there is hope in their eyes . It’s not so much about the challenges you meet in life but rather how you meet those challenges that makes all the difference . So many of the people that I have met and admire are those that have endured really tough times when young. Hence I am more inclined think that in many cases, both here at home, and in favelas and ghettos of the world one of the biggest problems unfulfilled expectations rather than deprivation. In today’s world of instant communication everywhere we are born into a world where are told everything is available now!  Reality is that few can have it all, or even most of it . But that is what is happening, the few are getting richer and richer or to use an old saying
“The Rich get richer, and it’s the Poor what gets the Blame !”

85% of the Worlds wealth in 3 regions 🙂

If you are not part of the Solution then you are part of the Problem !

The transfer of great wealth from the work of the poor to the industrial , banker or aristocratic society has always stirred the wrath and eventually brought down ancient empires and rulers. Currently we have many wars happening around the world as I see it they are usually triggered by a disparity between the “Haves and the Have Nots” – In the case of The Arab Spring was about the price of bread and grew into much more. But if the Egyptian labourer had been payed enough to buy bread and feed his family then it seems unlikely that The Spring would have blossomed.  Likewise I say that if we were able to design and apply a much fairer redistribution of wealth across the planet versus the present situation where 1% have over 50% of the world’s wealth.  Then the dreams created by the media could perhaps be somewhat better met and the desperation of our youth be calmed toward more rational behaviours. Hence our care facilities may the get back to purpose caring for the sick not the fatally disillusioned !


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