I am a doer – Plugging Away

By nature I have always been a doer motto = Unemployment is a state of mind.
I am generally not comfortable when just sitting around and even then I am inclined to be working out the details of making or doing the next thing/project.
Recently I bought a Plugger from Lee Valley tool ( http://www.leevalley.com/en/wood/page.aspx?p=32280&cat=1,180,42240,53317) which is made to drill16degree tapered holes in trees for grafting scions.

I got the notion that if one drilled holes in wood turning blanks in patterns and revealed them when shaping the object on the lathe a very easy and interesting decorative pattern would be formed. A few days ago I put this to the test and made simple a lidded “Candy Dish”

Holes were drilled radially, axially, and tangential then plugsĀ  made from shop scraps of Black walnut, Ebony, Yellow Cedar, Ramin, Mahogany, and Basswood. These were rough turned on the lathe then finely pointed in a pencil srapener bofore being glued in place. The rest was conventional turning practice for lidded boxes.

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