Hospice Training – Recording Oral Histories .

2nd May 2013

This became a natural extension of the Elder Collage course I took last fall on recording oral histories.  I offered Oceanside Hospice Society the opportunity to have someone to record oral histories for people at near end of life.  A requirement for working with vulnerable people such as Hospice clients is to obtain RCMP clearance and by take the training course run annually.
I am now in week three and enjoying the process – opening up and exercising the other side of my brain 🙂

Having completed the training I have connected with several elderly people in the community who wish to record their own story. I am doing this in video format so as to avoid the tedium of being involved in all that typing and proof reading 🙁

I shoot a head & shoulders ( news reader style) and through the magic of Final Cut Pro X Apple’s NL editing software I can overlay this footage with additional images that I can capture of the client’s memorabilia such as photos or photos of objects described .

Concurrently within the Oceanside Hospice Society is a “Before I Die ” http://beforeidie.cc – project , which will see two board locations set up one in Qualicum on the Beach and  the other at the Boardwalk in Parksville tomorrow. I am making a video recording of the week long event .
Before I Die Video link –

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