Hooray! hooray the first of May ! Outdoor sc**wing starts today :)

Fri. 29th April – At the end of my visit to the physio yesterday he decided that when I visit my surgeon in a couple of weeks he will give me a letter for Dr. Mazri reporting on my treatment with a recommendation for “Manipulation Under Anesthetic” as I have been stuck with less that 90 degrees range of motion for the past¬† three weeks. Having now reached the end of my tether sitting around, reading, resting, icing etc. and decided to do anything and everything I can = get on with life. So I have been out in the workshop a bit. In the garden we replaced the heavy tempered glass panels in the cold frame covers with greenhouse plastic as the glass is too heavy for me to lift :). Now I have no excuses, since it has been warming up just a tad after a long cool winter and late Spring.¬† Our Island Gem potatoes are now planted and next I need to set some plants -Summer Cabbage, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Spinach Red Sails lettuce, and seeds – Carrots, Lettuce, Peas and Runner Beans

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