GarageBand 10.1 – Orchestral Composition & Plug-ins

29th July 2015

To start with I am not very competent in using GarageBand. The current version is much changed over that of the last few years.

My main interest is as a movie maker and wanting to be able score my own work.

I have Sonicfire Pro 5.8 which I have used for many years and it does a good job. BUT! – Even with some 20 plus libraries to chose from it is inclined to be “Same-ish”.

I recently stumbled upon “Xhail ” –
This looks as though it may well be the way of the future in film scoring for the small and independant producers.

Meanwhile I have been exploring what a non-musician can create in GarageBand with free orchestral sounds. GarageBand 10.1 provides for downloading ” additional content ” ( JamPacks ) one of which includes orchestral sounds.

There is also some other free Orchestral sound libraries such as “Sonatina Synphony ” which requires installing the Alchemy Player plugin and Native Instruments “Factory Selection” using Kontak5 player.

Camel Audio who produced Alchemy shut down Jan 2015 and were supposedly acquired by Apple . It is possible to search the web and find an active download site courtesy of a musicians friend 🙂 Try these :

or contact me.

Having installed both of these I could not figure out where or how to activate either of these in Garage Band.

Here is how they are revealed and activated in GB10.1-

With Garageband open – click on the 3rd icon top left it looks like a turn knob.
This opens a window bottom left – click on the first icon ” i”
This in turn opens a window with “Keyboard Sensitivity” and below that ” Plug-ins”
Click on the top block – to the right side is a tiny up/down arrow thingy .
Clicking this opens up a dropdown menu revealing the Apple audio units plus your other installed AU plug-ins .

I was not able to find any reference to this in Apple’s GB Help

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