Four weeks in Re-hab

Friday 8th April – Today I accomplished a milestone along the road to recovery. I was able to complete, with a struggle, a complete backward rotation on the exercise bike. Not much you might think to bend your knee 90 degrees, but for me it has been a struggle to get there. Having started at a low of 40 degrees I sometimes had doubts about how much range of motion I would achieve. Dian has been both a nag and very supportive, having twice done this herself.

This week also brought us closer to our TOAL ( trip of a lifetime). Just before the fire in 2008 we had booked a month long cruise to Australia with another month of exploring the vast continent but were forced to cancel it to deal with the concequential insurance issues. This week we booked our flights and car rental for 4 weeks in Australia culminating in Christmas with Juliet and grandson Louie in Sydney. Followed by three weeks exploring North Island New Zealand where I also have a cousin to visit in New plymouth.

My water colour painting and sketching is also progressing since I purchased a video tutorial series by Bob Davies of Southport UK.  It is made up of over a hundred lessons and exercises totaling 15 hrs video. Maybe in a while I will feel confident enough to post a few of my sketches. It has certainly served well to relieve the monotony of the daily  routine:  exercises – hotubs – stretching – Icing.

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