forScore the App for Sure !

7th Nov ’14



This app for the iPad and it delivers huge benefits to musicians.

I was looking for a way having all my music available to read from the iPad when I found this highly praised  $10 app.

I have installed it on the iPad and also scanned in .pdf format the sheet music that I most frequently play. Via iTunes on my Mac mini I imported these .pdf files into forScore on the iPad.

I found a simple way to set the iPad in a good reading position on my Yamaha DGX 640 keyboard using two clear plastic bumpers used on the back of picture frames.

Notice two 1/2′ dia bumpers either side of the built in LCD display

To get a complete description of the softwares capability here is a link to the user manual

To be able to have all your music in this format is a wonderful ! No more multides of books and binders to hunt through until you want to add another song or two then just scan the material and add it to the iPad. QED 🙂


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