Feather Carving

Friday 21st Oct 2011
On a recent visit to the wet side of Vanc. Island I met George Yearsley aka Feather George e-mail feathergeorge@gmail.com I found his work stimulating and set about carving in a similar mode.

Rough out stage

I contacted a local carver Ed  Raaflaub and he offered me a tutorial at his workshop in Duncan. Ed is an expert bird carver and a master at power carving. I am not enamoured with this method finding the noise and dust unpleasant and instead prefer to work with sharp edge tools. Ed showed me his method of shaping a feather and I adapted that to my style.




I will aim for thinner on next one ! 🙂

I am quite pleased with my first effort which is now back lit be placing it in the kitchen window .

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