Faulty product or bad workmanship ?

1st April – 3 weeks Post Op. I am told that I am making good progress with re-hab. However , a good & solid nights sleep with no pain would be even better :(o.

Just when you think you have put an unpleasant experience far behind you such as a house fire, sometimes it jumps up to bite you. For example, almost exactly 3 yrs ago to the day we lost our house to a fire ( long and unhappy story ) last week Dian & I had been chiding each other to ensure the shower door was properly closed and the shower head directed appropriately because water was appearing under the door. Well it as it turned out it was neither us or the shower. After calling in Belfor, our restoration company that rebuilt our house they determined with the aid of a moisture meter and 2ndly a plumber that one of the new fittings installed had cracked , and was seeping water into the wall and under the shower. So we have endured  3 days of de-hums running 24 hrs, but now all is well and dry now 😉 When I am fit I will need to make two cover panels for the holes they punched through the drywall to gain access to the problem.

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