Easy & Stowable Saw Horses

Portable-Stowable Plywood Saw Horses

I was given the pattern for these by Ben our then landlord in 1980. I have used them regularly ever since and occasionally made copies as gifts for friends. I suspect it orginally appeared in Wood Working Mag.

Hints & Tips:
Don’t cut the slots in the the top rail until you have properly fitted the lower rail by adjusting the birdmouth profile for a snug fit. Then position tho slots at the apropriate ( Approx 15degree angle ) so have the legs sprung inward thus holding the top rail in place via tensegrity 🙂

I used rebated hardwood instead of plywood for the top face of the top rail & covered it with heavy canvas to protect surface finishes of my work.

Drill a large = 3/4″ hole through each part when nestled together – ( 4 legs near top) & ( 4 top and bottom rails tucked together alternately) to provide a convenient method the hang them up for storage.

Components from sheet stock


15 degree slope of legs = good rigidity

Drawings Here:

Click this link for Bird Mouth Profile .pdf :

Click this link for cutting diagram .pdf :

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