Dry Camping with Cleanwaste Design for PETT Tool

Wed. 17th Sept ’14

CleanWaste PETT

The recent purchase of a Boler 1300 RV Trailer sans shower and toilet created a need for another method of managing body waste.  Past bad experience with Porta-Potty emptying caused me to search out alternatives for as and when acceptable clean facilities are not available.

CleanWastse – http://www.cleanwaste.com/ seemed to offer a perfect solution with there PETT

Demo Here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7BRozoobB8

Being very compact it was easy to store in the tiny Boler until needed.  I ordered from a nearby Canadian distributor Modern Outpost – http://www.modernoutpost.com/shop/hygiene/505-pett-portable-toilet.html at the same cost as if ordering from the manufacturer $69. He shipped it on to me via Canada Post.

My on going Boler renovation project  – Here –  http://tomndi.blogspot.ca/2014/08/boler-camper-trailer-refurbishing.html


We of course next opened the unit and set it up  – Great !
Then we tried to fold it back down into its compact stored state – I was unable to unlock the leg latches 🙁 .
The PETT is designed with military and similar applications in mind and supports 500lbs . A strapping young marine would have no trouble but my 73 year old fingers simply are not strong enough . After emailing CleanWaste I learned that this is frequently heard complaint. Me being a retired mechanical engineer I saw that a simple tool was required to make it easier to release the latches .

Here is my tool design


PETT release tool made from 1/8″ thick aluminium

The Sharp tip is to open front leg side latches as below

Front leg – correct tool placement

Front leg side pull opens latch one at a time

Rear Leg  correct tool placement

Rear Leg – Press down on tool angled to release  each latch


Tether tool and stow in the cavity above the front leg



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