Double Blogging :)

3 rd Jan 2016

I decided to start a 2nd blog . to act as a repository for all things Owslebury. What prompted this was on a recent visit to the Owslebury Village web pages ( most of the histiorical information that had been gathered and published by Betty Harfield over the past 70 years had been removed . This was alarming since it had been the sole source for so much valuable information about the villagers and the village. Betty has acted of her own volition to be the custodian of the villages history. Now all that might be in jeopardy !

If any of my readers have information , articles publications Newspaper cutting etc. about Owslebury , Places and People and are willing to share it I will add it to the Owslebury Hants blog spot .

Contact me :
or – 1580 Marine Circle Parksville BC V9P1Y6 Canada


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