Doing it right – The Joy of

One of the joys I discovered upon retiring was that there was no longer any real need to rush things. Throughout my working life all projects and maintenance had to be compressed into the available time an evening or weekend. Which generally meant that for example that if a tool became dull or damaged it was necessary to press on , to continue, as best could often frustrated. However, now as today, I just stop and rectify the situation right now ! This came to mind when it became apparent that machining the bevels on the raised panels would be better effected if a feather board were used to press the work against the sliding fence. However, the feather boards were not long enough to reach the work so I stopped! Figured out a way to make useful extention on which to mount the featherboard 3/4 hr later, hey presto! I have a useful jig and near perfect 7 1/2 degree beveled edge cuts on the panels. The joy of Doing it right far out ways the fact that a project may take  considerably longer to complete. 🙂

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