Di Longhi EC702 Espresso – update 2017

30 Jan 2017

Update to the Blog http://www.myblog.tom-thornton.ca/delonghi-ec-702-expresso-maker/

Two years and 3 months on the machine sprung a leak 🙁 oooooo
I immediately contacted Forum Appliances Vancouver to order a replacement. They also confirmed they would repair it for $75 BUT the shipping costs would be around $40 each way. :(O

I decide to open the machine to see what where the leak was .
YouTube is mine of useful info for such purposes :

There are several more video on other EC702 repairs.

What I found was that a gesket on the output side of the Valve #71 had been sqeezed out .

Showing the #71 Valve output side disconected
 and the damaged Seal/ gasket

Damaged seal detail.

Here is a link to the parts manual for EC702.
There being no breakdown showing the gasket I orders two replacement valves –  #71 @ $5. each  form Forum. I see this a cheap insurance 🙂
As 2nd repaired machine will reside in the RV Trailer.

The replacement machine arrived this morning just in time to make my mid morning brew – Happy birthday Me !

Even with this failure I still consider this to be the best value for money coffee maker on the market . Which is why I replaced with the exact same one.

Only my original 1990’s Starbucks Barista which lasted 7 years has not disappointed me – I have suffered through 2 Krupps 2 failures within weeks  ( Leaks)
Breville 2 failures (Electrical).

Read my modification post to further improve this machine
I have also found it wise to ease out the steam jet to  lowere the back pressure other wise the Pipet will push off at high velocity into your milk which then soak you and the whole area in hot frothed milK <I:(O )))))))

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