Day one as a newbe Blogger

Greetings all;
I thought I would give Blogging a try to enable another way to stay in closer touch with my grandchildren in far away places. Over the coming months I will try to regularly post things that they may be interested in and hope that they will respond with blogs of their own perhaps. In reality only one, Amber is old enough to set up her own blog but younger ones may not be far behind as children move to adulthood at an alarming rate.
We have five grandchildren 12 through 5, Amber and Erin in Leicestershire, Sam and Olivia in Southport and Louie in Sydney.
We have Skype (tomndi) but it has proved to be difficult to sync between the widely spacedĀ  time zones of UK, Canada and Australia.

So we will see what the comingĀ  months reveal.

Ok Amber are you up for this ?

Grandpa Tom

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