Dancing in the Dark – Cine Negro – Flash Mob Dancing is next !

Argentine Tango

Recently letter appeared in our local paper saying that a beautiful scene was witnessed late on a Friday night in Qualicum Beach , a sleepy town renown for its elderly population. A couple were seen dancing Argentine Tango in the street near the Fire Hall. A follow up letter was submitted the following week by one of the participants inviting others ho join them at 11 pm on Fridays during the Summer.

Another of my interests is making movies and this subject appealed to me. My wife Dian, and I were there this week with video camera. My camera in HD format but an inexpensive one and hence poor in low light capability so I hand no idea what I might be able to record. The lighting around the Fire Hall was better that expected and the near full moon was rising over the Town Hall. There were six of us gathered and some exercise mats laid down on the pavement and using iPhone with stereo wireless speakers dancing began  and continued until midnight much to the astonishment of a few folks driving by 🙂

I was fun and we enjoyed meeting other mildly eccentric owls!

The video captured was pretty grainy so I applied a B&W effect and added some suitable sound tracks the result is a quite pleasing Cine Negro !
You can watch the 6 minute version here :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fSnSd88TL

Maybe this will be the next Mob thing – Imagine Dancing breaking out after dark in the most unexpected places  around your community 🙂


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