Coffee Bean Roasting 2

20th Dec 2016

My Pop-Corn Roaster set up
The roaster is placed in thebucket and aids Temp rise.

Nice Christmas roast

I have been roasting Green beans for over 15 years but this week I may have found a way to achieve  more consistent results.

Recently my roasts have been a little disappointing as they lacked richness .
Today was almost the longest day, the light was poor so peering in at the darkening beans through the smoke was difficult , so fetched a bright LED flashlight to illuminate the beans in the final stage.

Smokin’ away

Illuminating the roast with Bright LED flashlight

It worked wonders for me, being able see clearly the colour of the beans , enabled me to better identify my end point .

If you roast with a similar set up I suggest you try this .

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