Carving – Retrospective

I did my first carving in the late seventies soon after I met Dian now my wife. I incise carved a name plate for our house which has traveled with us across the globe. At about the same time I carved round house name for close friends Ronnie & Marie Martin.
Now retired, I have more time to devote to developing and exercising these skills.
One stimulant was seeing the fine adze work carried out by Roy Henry Vickers under tutalage of the legendary Henry Nolla on the entire surface of RHV’s Eagle Aerie Gallery in Tofino

I took a trip over to Tofino to meet one of the resident artists that work in the Henry Nolla’s beach hut studio at the Wickinish Inn on Chesterman Beach Tofino.

There I met Chris who knew both Roy and Henry and had been taught in the skills in the use of  the adze by the latter. Chris spent a 1/2 a day with me first showing then teaching me the rudiments of adzing.

Back home in Parksville I set up a crude forge and made an adze blade from an old  14″farriers file. With that I set about surfacing a table I had put together from scrap 2″ thick lumber rescued from a mill in Ladysmith. The detail carving at each of 8 place sittings is not yet started but we enjoy using the table in the conservatory I built on the back of our home.

Adzing the Table Top
Same table with worktop covering 2010

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