Carving – Chestnut- backed Chickadee

Last year I took a Power Carving course at Lee Valley’s new store in Victoria given by Jim Robertson. The being one of our most frequent garden visitors the Chestnut -backed Chickadee. The course was all new stuff to me using rotary tools ( Dremel etc) to shape the bird in Basswood then using pyrography techniques to burn in the feather texture before painting. The result was very pleasing . However, I was left to finish the mounting at home which included finding a suitable stick from in our local forest and then drilling and mounting the cast metal feet to it. it took until a couple of weeks ago for me to set about the final step of forming the birds feet/ claws around the perch. If done cold the toes break :(O if to warm they may melt or deform. This is often done be heating the feet over steam or in hot water which I did not fancy. instead i elected to use my hot air paint stripper tool which has a digital temp control. Sure enough using 200degres C I was able to bend each toe in turn to a reasonably snug close fit around perch.

Chestnut-backed Chickadee

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