Bent or Hook Knives

Sunday 29th May -As I mentioned at the bottom of Fridays Blog I have a native mask workshop later this week. A while ago I made a commitment to David Western, my Lovespoon Carving mentor, that I would make him a couple of special bent knives and since I was going to be in Victoria where he is I should set to and make them. Hence most of the weekend has been spent with doing that. In for a penny in for a pound, that’s me so I selected 5 old 1/2 round files and annealed them. = Heat to cherry red and allow to cool very slowly. Below are pictures at various stages.


Annealed files roughed out with angle and bench grinder
Step 2 Drill & C’sk for mounting screws
Bent form
The process is to get all the shaping and polishing done while annealed  then return to the heat to form the hooks or curves then polish again. Next harden by returning to cherry red heat and immediately plunge into cold water or oil. Polish again and gently apply heat to chase the straw temper colour along the blade, plunge when even straw = 450C . Fit suitable hardwood handle polish and bring edges to mirror finish and razor sharp.

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