Audio Management for Videographers in iTunes

9th Jan 2014

Follow up to my previous blog on using iVideo to manage Video clips.
Having resolved my video clip problem I was left with similar issues around Audio clips created for my video productions.

I edit my video using iMovie and more recently Final cut Pro X ( FCPX) .  Audio is, I believe 60% + of the message in video so having great sound is important to me. Further more I try to use only Royalty Free Material (RFA). Most of my music I create using SmartSound SonicFire Pro as clips of an exact length for the intended location on the time line. Before exporting I name the track to match th the Smartsound one and add a suffix in seconds ( Dreamy Piano 60 ) .

SonicFire Pro 5.8 has other more sofisticated ways to attach audio to video but this method best suits my workflow. For more info on this look here :

I have folder in “My Music” named “Smartsound” to which I export all of these files as AIFF or mp3’s formats which are compatable with my editing software and iTunes.

I having added the Smartsound folder to the iTunes library so that all of these Smartsound tracks are now found in iTunes . Next we need to make them easy to find and audition. I can easily do this by then amending the track info in iTunes simply by adding the Artist Name as ( TTA) and also adding a Genre name “Smartsound”. This enables easy searching and auditioning in both iTunes and FCPX.

These two steps will significantly simplify and speed up my post production work 🙂

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