An Elegant & Portable Book Rest

The need for this arose when my wife bought a copy of the book  “Harry Potter Page to Screen” and found it far to heavy to hold while reading at 7lbs 6 oz. This design evolved from looking at ATLAS and adapting their Ultra to my needs.
I chose to use 3/8″ Baltic birch plywood for its strength to weight ratio.

The only real challenge was the three slots angled at 15 -30 -& 45 degrees in the 12″ sq. base.
I have a Shopsmith which enables me to set up and do angled  routing.
Alternatively I think it possible to get the same outcome by routing straight slots and either beveling the sides or use a suitable round over bit. Be sure make a few test cuts on scrap material !

The Base is 12″ square
Back rest is 14″ wide x 16″ tall
The book support is 3″ x 16″ long

The unit slips apart and can be carried in a bag or brief case making it perfect for travelling lecturers and speakers or musicians

15 Degree slot
30 Degree position


45 Degree position


No back stop needed


 4 wooden toy wheels, 1 1/2″ dia for feet


Tung Oil and a soft Beeswax lustre – She Loves it 🙂


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