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30th May 2012

Inspired by Garry Roberts ” The Fine Art of Woood Turning” I plan on trying to replicatesome of his projects. This will require a reliable indexing method . Checking around my shop the saw rack provided me with the following useful tooth counts 100; 72; 60; & 48 mounting each in turn at the arse end and a 12″ disc of MDF on Dado arbour I was able using the gullets to align temporary stop pin and drill accurate pitch circles for each set through the MDF disk. !00 onear the perimeter and 48 centre most.

Next I made a better indexing stop set-up which is mounted to the Arse end machine cover per ” Power Tool Woodworking for Everyone” -DeCristoforo.

Next I will be making a tool post mounting system for drilling or machining with such as Demel or 5″ Disc Grinder. This to carry out surface and cut-out mork on Turned products.

Index pin side
Degees this side Hole count other

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