A Better Case for an Autoharp

8th July 2016

’70’s OS 21 Chord Appalachian

My OS 21 Appalachian Autoharp came with a battered case probably from Oscar Schmidt over 30 years ago .  Made from cardboard with simulated black leather finish it was showing serious wear and tear 🙁 .

Being a woody guy I decided to make a new one and asked around the harpin’ community for anyone with plans or drawing of one , finding none I committed to making one from scratch .

The materials I have on hand are Full 2″ x 4″ clear yellow cedar and 1/8″ baltic birch plywood .

First I drew on corigated box cardboard an outline of the Autoharp body and added 1″ all round for padding room to create  a template .

The idea was to maintain the 2″ thickness at the joints for strength and sculpt away the rest to  1/2″ wall thickness using my bandsaw .

The five legs join at inconvenient angles, I used a digital protractor to transfer these to the table saw to accurately cut the joint faces.

Case Frame Assembled

The joints were secured temporarily with finishing screws, these will be replaced with dowels in the final assembly stage .

The 1/8″ plywood panels will set in a 1/4 wide  x 1/8″ deep rebate set in from the inner faces. The enclosed box will then be cut in two  approx 1 1/4 ” down from the top face . Hinges and latches added and carrying handle .

The inside will be fabric lined and blocks of foam cut support the harp securely inside .

More to follow when finished  🙂

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