3rd Lease of Life

I was 49 when I had my first heart attack. On being discharged from St. Paul’s Vancouver my cardiologist John Web told Dian, my wife, that hopefully developments in medicine would stay ahead of me. 23 years on this has come to pass. Over the past six months symptoms of Chronic Heart Failure were evident. I January I was enrolled in the Victoria JubileeĀ  Heart Function Clinic run by Dr Swiggum.This week I had a consultation with her and 3 hrs of careful analysis resulted in a plan to sequence tests before intervention . Beginning with a medication changes.

This will be followed by :

  • Angiogram
  • Nuclear Medicine scan of the heart
  • MRI
  • Pending on results and analysis
  • ICD
  • Fix leaking valve
  • Stint or by-pass

If all goes to plan I will have a significant new least of life:)

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