14 Days Post Op – Travel Sketching

Friday 25th March – Today was a day that I was not looking forward to as I had an appointment with my Physio in the morning and another with my family Dr. in the afternoon to remove the 30 staples from the incision. I am happy to report that both went better than hoped :). The wound had completely healed and Dr. Love was extremely gentle in removing the wire loops. I am now far more optimistic and gaining a much increased range of motion in the leg over the coming two weeks.

Dian and I had recently talked about planning a getaway up island. Last weekend a glossy flier arrived in the local weekend paper for events at Painters Lodge and April Point Lodge
( http://www.aprilpoint.com/ ) one of these June 5th -7th attracted my interest ”¬† Travel Sketching with Ink and Watercolours “(http://www.aprilpoint.com/specials/live-and-learn/).
We have a reservation and Dian will will have a spa day or two while I take the course.

In my teenage years I enjoyed making pen and ink sketches of places visited either on my bicycle or whilst hiking on the downs, dales  and fells of England. Now that I am to spend a fair amount of time with my leg elevated for while I decided to dig out my old pens. Alas much of the tools and skills have been lost over the years. I have purchased fresh ink and a few brushes and of course a Windsor Newton Watercolour travel set. A few small preliminary sketches have encouraging me. We have in our immediate neighbourhood several good spots where subjects can be found РFrench Creek РFrench Creek Harbour РColumbia Beach and its Foreshore and several small parks. Slightly further afield we have Qualicum Beach, Coombs and Parksville. and of course from our own garden a stunning view of the Arrowsmith Park Mastiff.

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